1. Build Your Own Canoe
  2. Canoe Restorations and Repairs
  3. Paddle Carving Workshops
  4. Sales of Kits, Materials and Supplies
  5. Sales of New Custom Made Canoes
A. Build Your Own Canoe (both wood/epoxy and wood/canvas construction)
We offer 2 models of wood epoxy canoes: a 16 foot Prospector style, and a 15 foot Roger's special. The Prospector is a large tripping canoe capable of carrying 900 pounds while weighing only 64 pounds. The Roger's special is a smaller tandem canoe more appropriate for weekend canoe trips or solo paddling. Wood epoxy canoes are built from long strips of western- red cedar with bead and cove" edges, and encased in invisible layers of fiberglass for strength and durability.

The traditional wood/canvas canoe, the "Goshawk", is a cross between a "Chestnut Prospector" and a "Peterborough Champlain". This 16 foot canoe behaves beautifully, both tandem and solo. It is built from locally grown eastern white cedar, the ribs are steamed and bent over a form, planking is nailed on and then canvas is stretched around the hull and made waterproof and tough. While most canoes are painted red or green the colour is entirely up to you. One customer painted his canoe like a cow!
A canoe built and painted as a cow

How Long Will It Take?
  • Both styles of canoe construction take almost the same amount of time, about 110 "man hours". The building of the canoe moves faster if you bring someone to help share the work. Building timetables are flexible. Simply consult your calendar and talk with Roger about setting up your start date and subsequent appointments. They can include 2 to 3 weeks of daily work, or 2 to 3 months working some evenings and weekends or any combination. Some canoe enthusiasts may take a weeks holiday to get started and then spread the remainder of the project over a month or so as their schedule allows.
  • Many of our "out of town" or "out of province" visitors stay at local "bed and breakfast" accommodation or at near by campsites. The minimum time to build is 9 days of long hours and a few blisters.
How Much Does it Cost?
  • Each canoe building project has a set price, no matter how long it takes you to complete (maximum 4 months). The canoes when finished are valued at $5,700.00 but the cost to you is just over $3,000.00. You are saving about $2,700.00 in labour costs. There is $1,900 worth of material that goes into your canoe included in the price. The three models vary in price by only a few hundred dollars, the bigger models having more material in them.
Prices include:
  • All material and supplies
  • Use of shop tools and equipment
  • Shop floor space
  • Individual instruction
  • On going guidance
  • Safety equipment
  • Light refreshments
(taxes not included)

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